Genre: Drama Programme: Muhr Emirati Premiere: World Premiere Rating: PG Contains: Requires Parental Guidance, What happens when a seven-year-old child grows up in a home of contradictions – with a father, who is a “sociopath and narcissist”, a weak, but ambitious mother and a flamboyant cook? Director : Nayla Al Khaja Producer : Nayla Al […]



Title: Hi Director: Nayla Al Khaja Genre: Drama Synopsis: A simple story about how loneliness can be distinguished between two household roofs.


The Neighbor

Title: The Neighbor Director: Nayla Al Khaja Cast: Crystal Bates Genre: Drama and Comedy Synopsis: Sara has just moved to Dubai to a new job and the prospect of a fresh start, leaving behind a tragedy that has scarred her for life. The transition to her new world is not easy and she finds herself […]



Title: Malal Director: Nayla Al Khaja Cast: Nayla Al Khaja, Hormuz Mehta, Ghassan Al Khateri Genre: Drama and Romance Synopsis: Set in Kerala – the first Emirati production to shoot in the Indian state- Nayla Al Khaja’s ‘Malal’ revolves around a young Emirati couple, on their honeymoon. Their approach to the relationship and commitment to […]



Title: Once Director: Nayla Al Khaja Cast: Nifin Ghazar Al Din, Bassim Sami Al Khalif, Hammad Bassim Al Khalif Genre: Drama and Romance Synopsis: The journey a young Emirati woman undertakes to go on a secret ‘taboo’ date with a young man she has never met in person.



Director: Nayla Al Khaja Cast: Feriyal Entezari Genre: Drama Synopsis: Arabana is the story of a little girl neglected by her parents and how she wanders off into the wilderness and mistakes attention from a stranger as love. It deals with the consequences of not being attentive to your child’s needs and highlights a serious […]

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