Maserati’s Journey to Ramadan – Digital Campaign

Produced by Nayla Al Khaja Films, the Maserati’s Ramadan campaign 2018 film was shot in various locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with some extra-shots in the United Arab Emirates. Praised for its Khaleeji culture knowledge and its field expertise in the Middle East, NAKF was an obvious choice for the luxury automotive brand. The film #MaseratiRamadan was released on various social media channels a couple of weeks before the official start of the Holy Month, as part of a multinational campaign.
Based on the idea that Ramadan actually starts much earlier than its official date, while Muslim people are getting ready spiritually and physically for the occasion, the film follows a professional photographer, the famous explorer and Instagram influencer Mohammed Ahli – behind the steering wheel of different Maserati models – on a journey to embrace the ancient traditions of Ramadan. The concept that “the greatest journeys begin before they start” was the opportunity to showcase various Maserati models, while the hero was driving through various locations symbolizing the cultural heritage of the past, and rediscovering the ancestral values of craftsmanship, spirituality, tradition, power and strength.