Neutrogena – #SeeWhatsPossible

‘See What’s Possible’ is a Neutrogena campaign featuring the world’s most inspirational women following their passions through empowering videos bringing to life the brand’s point of view: what really makes a woman beautiful is the ability to look in the mirror and know that anything is possible. Leveraging digital content through social platforms in over 27 countries across the world, it’s Neutrogena’s largest digitally-driven campaign ever executed.

We had to show the featured women in realistic environments and for Raha Moharrak, the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest, we had to find a credible way to show mountain climbing.
Thanks to the talent and ingenuity of Nayla Al Khaja Films, Ski Dubai became a larger than life snowy mountain.
This inspirational video got over 3.3 million views on Neutrogena Middle East’s YouTube channel in 2017, in just a few weeks.