Quest Arabiya – Hakawi, Ambitious Saudi

In September 2016, the pan-Arab channel Quest Arabiya decided to air some of the best stories about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including its original production of short films: Hakawi, Ambitious Saudi. The series, directed by Nayla Al Khaja, and produced by her company in collaboration with ImageNation Abu Dhabi, pointed the spotlight on regional talents, reflecting the passion and interests of the next generation of Saudi youth tackling adrenalin-fueled activities and taking on unconventional occupations: Raha Moharrak, the mountain climber; Ahmed Makki, the renowned MMA Fighter; Mohammed Awlia and Omar Naseef, industrial furniture designers; Mumdo Marzouki, the Middle East’s best illusionist; and Rawan Amoudi, an emerging women’s Basketball Player from Jeddah United team.

Shot in Jeddah, KSA, the production was a challenge due to the lack of infrastructure and also for Nayla, as a female filmmaker.
Diplomacy, cultural sensibility and perfect knowledge of Khaleeji protocol helped us anticipate all possible obstacles and complete the project smoothly.
The series was a public success and remains today the most viewed biographic series aired on Quest Arabiya.