Vogue Eyewear – Summer House: Destination Thailand

A Vogue Eyewear digital competition was launched worldwide in 2015. Three young ladies from different countries were offered the opportunity to win a 7-day holiday at the luxurious Vogue Eyewear mansion in Phuket, Thailand, with three friends of their choice, and experience the island's atmosphere through seven fun and distinctive experiences. We were hired by Vogue to capture on video those unique experiences in Thailand.
Along with many unknown elements in Thailand – the logistics, the weather, or the local regulations – the Vogue project was extremely challenging as we had specific requirements in terms of product placement, we had to bring a touristic ‘look and feel’ to the story, while featuring a celebrity.
Even though we are used to shooting abroad, we focused even more than usual on our preparatory research in order to arrive on location fully-prepared and make the most of our tight calendar.
Thanks to our enticing videos, the competition was a global success and benefitted from a phenomenal response rate. It eventually brought exceptional media exposure for our company.