8 incredible women share what small things elevate their own lives

We ask some of the most incredible women we know, what small things elevate their own lives and how they uplift all the women they’re surrounded with.

Nayla Al Khaja

What small things elevate your life?

Welcoming my children with open arms every day after school invigorates my life with joy and purpose. Strolling through our lovely neighbourhood in the morning while chatting with my dear brother uplifts my spirits and sets a positive tone for the day. Receiving an unexpected “I love you” message from my beloved husband fills my soul with an elevated sense of love and contentment.

How do you elevate the lives of those around you?

My mission is to uplift and inspire those in my circle by sparking innovative ideas and collaborating to bring them to fruition. Sharing delicious meals and performing small acts of kindness are just a few of the ways I seek to elevate those around me. However, I believe that the most powerful tool for elevating the human spirit is laughter, which has the ability to heal, connect, and transform lives.

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