Motivational Speaker

Nayla Al Khaja speaks fluently in Arabic and English and has been registered at the London Speaker Bureau for more than ten years. She is also registered at MENA Speakers. Over the years, based on her extraordinary true-life story being the first female filmmaker in the UAE, she tackled taboo topics, including during TEDx Talks, like breaking down the Arab Woman stereotype, how to stand-out in a male dominated industry, the crux of gender balance, or how to combat fear and chase one’s dreams.

Sample topics:

  • The power of Storytelling
  • What you see vs what you know - Perception and everything in between
  • Breaking barriers and facing your own fears
  • Women Empowerment
  • Gender Balance in male dominated fields
  • Film financing and cinema economy
  • The power of film scenes and how they impact our lives
  • The psychology of selfies in the age of speed.


Modern audiences are no longer interested in being talked at. They are more receptive to tales and want to hear stories. Nayla Al Khaja is a captivating storyteller and a motivational speaker revealing fresh perspectives on contemporary themes and unravelling tricky questions with sensitivity and humor. Through interactive and thought-provoking storytelling, Nayla reignites interest and curiosity. Her interventions are experiences designed to involve, entertain, and move people, bringing clarity and lightness to important topics.


Nayla Al Khaja deals with a wide selection of topics, ranging from entrepreneurship to cultural differences, social transformation and women empowerment. Over the years, through her films, talks and personal projects, she developed her own original public speaking approach, using practical and human anecdotes to confront modern challenges and sensitive issues. This unbiased method ultimately enables her to shake-up mainstream opinions, stimulate thinking, and propose new ways of tackling delicate matters.

Among many others, Nayla had the honor to speak for organizations like: