Clients/Brand Partners


brand endorsement as part of 'Women in Cinema' at Venice International Film Festival, 2012


Endorsement of an international brand sponsoring Nayla’s Studio and Vlogs in the UAE

International Brand Partners

Leveraging credibility and influencing audiences

A celebrity in the Gulf region, Nayla has the capacity to help brands and marketers leverage credibility and influence among local audiences through her endorsement. Her partnerships with Tag Heuer or Canon, to name a few, brought attention, with impressive results. The close connection she has with Emirati audiences and her deep understanding of the local fabric and social media gives a unique strength to her voice.

Engaging target audiences through storytelling

Nayla guides brands to tap into the local audiences’ sensitive chords and engage them. Her collaboration with brands allows the creation of high-quality content that makes a difference in a market already cluttered by influencers and brand ambassadors. Ultimately, Nayla redefines celebrity endorsement through her fields of expertise, e.g. cinema and storytelling. Genuine stories are at the heart of her endorsements in order to resonate with any audiences.