The first female film director/producer in the UAE and CEO of Nayla Al Khaja Films

•This year has been spectacular. I got a career break from the accomplished producer Rita Dhager, who is embarking on a journey with me towards making my first feature film. We also shot a 15-minute teaser and did a very successful fundraiser this year at VOX Cinemas.

•We are very eager to get the ball rolling for 2020 and shoot the first horror feature film directed by an Emirati woman. This is really exciting for women working in the industry, as the statistics show only 5% of women specialise in the suspense/horror genre.

•My team and I have been reducing water and plastic usage in the workplace. Recently, I have installed water saving devices that reduce water footprint by 30 percent in my own home.

•There are many people that I look up to, but my mother especially. My mother has always been very brave and her perseverance in life is very inspiring. My mother is a person who would dedicate 10 to 15 years to a craft to prove a point, which some people may view it as stubborn but I see it as someone who doesn’t give up on her dreams.

•As a UAE national, this is my home country. I was born and raised in the UAE and witnessed the country turn from a desert to an incredible cosmopolitan city. It is a country full of life and I can’t wait to capture it on film and share it with the rest of the world.

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