Nayla Al Khaja’s Animal nominated for the UAE’s Ministry of Interior Cinema Awards

The United Arab Emirates' Ministry of Interior believes that raising awareness on safety and social issues is vital to ensuring the welfare of the community. In recognition that film can reach out and touch various segments of society in a meaningful way, the decision has been made to utilize cinema as a platform to shift attitudes and influence behavior in the interest of advancing security in the community.

As a result, the Ministry launched a Cinema Award in partnership with the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). The Award recognizes inspiring, inventive and distinctive writing, while helping Arab filmmakers bring projects that highlight and raise awareness of societal issues to the widest possible audience. The awarded films must tackle social and safety issues having an impact on individuals, families and communities.

This year, Emirati director and producer Nayla Al Khaja’s short film Animal has been nominated among several other films. The selected Award’s recipient will be presented at the Muhr Awards Ceremony on 13th December during DIFF.

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