Nayla Al Khaja discusses top 5 challenges on set

After having written and directed several films in the UAE, as well as participated in more than 42 festivals worldwide, from owning a small gallery to pursuing filmmaking full time – Nayla has come a long way. In an exclusive to Digital Studio ME, the CEO of Nayla Al Khaja Films, previously named D-Seven Motion Pictures, and founder of The Scene Club – Dubai’s first film club to have launched in 2007, shares her words of advice for filmmakers in the region.

How to loosen up an actor

The most challenging thing is when your actor is not performing well and sometimes it is because there are many people on set, it can be overwhelming especially for new actors in the business. So, the best tip would be to make sure that people who are on set are really needed and those who are just lingering can exit the set. This would make the actor less anxious and he/she could be more comfortable.

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