Nayla Al Khaja shares insights at Al Ain Media and Marketing Forum 2017

Organized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber, the 2nd Al Ain Media and Marketing Forum was held from 20th to 21st November 2017 in Al Ain. The Forum 2017 aimed at addressing the various issues related to the ever-increasing disruption that media and technology brings to our daily lives. Destined to provide SMEs and government sectors with information and strategies, along with improved and sustainable business practices helping them navigate the ever-changing electronic landscape, the 2017 Forum hosted several panel discussions. Nayla Al Khaja was one of the panelists for a discussion related to the role of the influencers in media and marketing, as well as the misconceptions about media and marketing. She had the opportunity to share her insights with Ali F. Mostafa, another film Director, the entrepreneur Anas Al Bukhash, and Rami Zahran, senior marketing manager at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

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