Successful Screening of ANIMAL in DIFF 2016

Screened on 11 and the 13th of December as part of Muhr Emirati Programme, Dubai International Film Festival hosted the world-wide premier of the short drama film ANIMAL with tremendous reception from the audience.

Nayla Al Khaja’s short film explores themes of household abuse and tells the story of a 7-year old child’s experiences of growing up in a home, ruled with an iron fist by her ferocious domineering father. The film takes a look at how the child copes with living in the midst of such contradictions.

Along with the main cast, Mohammed Ahmed, an Emirati actor who plays the domineering father, Nayla Al Khaja talked about her personal experiences during her childhood and why she wanted to translate it into a movie.

The film is being submitted to other international Film Festival and stay tuned for further information.