The Scene partners with Roxy Cinemas to bring festival films to UAE viewers

Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja and Meraas have announced a cultural collaboration between The Scene (previously known as The Scene Club) and Roxy Cinemas to showcase award-winning festival films in their original formats across the UAE. This will enable viewers to enjoy non-commercialised and big blockbuster films in the comfort of Roxy Cinemas. This move of endorsing Emirati entrepreneurs is the first-of-its-kind from Meraas.

The exclusive partnership also aims to play an instrumental role in promoting the development of local talent through a monthly “Made in the UAE” film talk series targeted at showcasing the strongest content created in the Arab world.

The Scene’s founder Nayla Al Khaja describes The Scene, which has garnered an impressive number of loyal members from inception till date, as her greatest achievement thus far.

“When I first saw Roxy Cinemas, I fell in love immediately with its aesthetics and stunning fusion of hipster and retro interiors set in the most popular and hip destinations in Dubai. The ideology behind the setup of the cinemas align perfectly with The Scene’s core philosophy. Now people can enjoy the best of complimentary independent cinema in the best setting possible,” she said Nayla Al Khaja.