Who will grace Dubai's new Walk of Fame?

HOLLYWOOD'S WALK OF Fame, which provides 18 blocks of reverence to celebrity and a focal point of homage for fans of the personalities named upon those five pointed paving slabs, is something we've all dreamed about being a part of, right? Since the mid-1950s anyone who is anyone in the entertainment business, so long as they have achieved a sufficient level of notoriety, has been rewarded with a public ceremony unveiling their own personal star that should (in most circumstances) remain on show as long as Tinsel Town stands.

Well, anything the US can do, Dubai can do better. That's correct, local developer Emaar is planning to install 'Dubai Stars': a walk of fame saluting celebs and influencers from all over the world in its Downtown Dubai locale. It'll be a tribute to eminent personalities who have positively influenced the world through their work in various fields including music, film, art, architecture, sports, and literature as well as social influencers. And the best bit is, you get to decide who will be featured.

The project is kicking-off with a global social campaign asking people from all over the globe to nominate their favourite celebrities and influencers for the first 400 stars to be literally set in stone.

Lining up along the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, the walk will be launched in October at a mega event to be attended by the 400 successful nominees who will stand with their respective prize.

At its completion at a future date, Dubai Stars will have over 10,000 stellar plaques, about four times the number of stars than the Hollywood Walk.

So who would we like to see put forward? Here are a few candidates that light up our eyes.

Nayla Al Khaja

An integral part of the UAE picture industry, the award-winning Emirati director and producer more than 'influences local film,' she is synonymous with it. Whether it is releasing her own movies, attending festivals to promote Emirati output, or holding master classes on the process of getting a creative work made in the region, the DIFF Muhr Emirati Award recipient's star deserves to be front and centre.

Shah Rukh Khan

It's a no-brainer. Not only is SRK India's favourite actor, Dubai can also claim the 53-year-old as its own golden boy; fronting countless campaigns promoting the city, owning a house here and making the emirate a prominent shooting location. We think he'll bring exactly the right amount of energy and glitz to the occasion without losing that classic streak of humility we all know and adore.

Balqees Fathi

When it comes to local music, one name appears at the top of most peoples' bills. Usually going by the mononymous Balqees, the artist's Emirati mother provides an enormous tie to the UAE and the success of albums including Majnoun and Zai Ma Ana do us all proud.

Will Smith

The Fresh Prince appears to spend more time in the UAE than a lot of permanent residents, so unroll those eyes please. Whether jumping out of Skydive Dubai planes, posting selfies from the tip of the Burj Khalifa or holding a premiere for a massive Hollywood blockbuster in Deira, Smith has nothing but endless love for our home. Maybe it's time to reward that dedication. Plus, think of the red carpet antics!

Dana Alblooshi

If you aren't aware of the young Emirati polymath, you should be. At 12 years old, she was recently the youngest author to appear at the 2019 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Dana is also the youngest Emirati to train with NASA and is involved in various programmes in the fields of aeronautics and space administration. She recently published her debut book, 13 Amazing Women of Arabia, in which she tells the stories of inspiring women from fields as diverse as science, government, fashion, business, sports and more. A star among stars if ever we saw one.

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